You Have Great Potential as a Lawyer

As a Christian, you have amazing potential as a lawyer in the invisible realms of the spirit! Discovering who you really are in Christ gives you access, acceptance, and authority in the Throne (court) Room of Heaven! In this sense, you were created to be a lawyer in the spirit!


When you got saved, Heavenly Father raised you up and seated you next to Him in Christ Jesus as a much loved son/daughter (Eph 2:6-7, Col 3:1-2). In this enthroned place that is accessible through prayer, Father wants you to find intimacy with Him and Jesus. They want you to learn your high place abiding — with Them and in Them — giving and receiving love!


When you close your eyes and pray from your heart, you can go there! They want you to enjoy growing up in this new “mansion” or “abode” or “abiding place” that Christ has gone & prepared for you, and now has received you to Himself (Jn 14:2-3), so that you can enjoy being the son/daughter you were created to be!


Heaven is not a place you have to wait for until after you die. It is an invisible reality of your Father’s House that you have access to right now! When you were born again, you surrendered to Christ and participated in the invisible realms of His death, burial, resurrection and ascension! Father, by His Spirit, raised you up and seated you next to Him in Christ (Rom 8:11, Eph 2:4-6). It is an invisible dimension of the reality of who you are now, both in the spirit & in His Kingdom! Father did it, but you have to believe it!


Father loves for You to: close your eyes, pray from your heart, sit next to Him on the throne in Christ (far above the Devil and his principalities, powers and rulers), and intercede for others as well as those issues that make your business and life a success! Do you believe this? Would you go after believing this?


Father’s position on the Throne as King, is also His position as Judge of All! He oversees and judges of all His Kingdom, including the earth realms we live and work! The key to being an effective Lawyer in these invisible realms of the Kingdom, is knowing our freedom and right to petition Him as sons/daughters hidden inside of the best Lawyer of all, Jesus Christ!!!


What if future business or ministry success can be determined by this high level abiding and intercession? As Christians who abide in Christ (and He in us), can we move with Him in our role as a lawyer and petition the Father/Judge/King for success in business and work. Could these keys of abiding and intercession release the will of heaven to be done here on earth?


The Lord has been coaching me in these new faith paradigms of intercession to work on a Prayer to Advance Your Business. It has been a fun and powerful adventure with Him! I hope it will be a blessing to you and your business!


Here is the link: Prayer to Advance Your Business

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