TRANSFORM – Landing Wealth in Stewardship or Partnership

Partnership with Father requires us to upgrade our view of SUCCESS and wealth creation . . . and land it inside partnership.  This is a big change from our past season of landing wealth and prosperity in our servant stewardship belief system. This shift is similar to landing wealth in our personal row boat . . . verses landing it on an aircraft carrier.

In our stewardship season we depended on Our Father Above to give us wisdom, favor, and guidance to create wealth and steward it.  Those successes, trained us in what to give to Him and others, what to re-invest, as well as what to use for ourselves. We learned that “sharing success” is a blessing to everyone that gives and receives, and we learned “success is empty” when we selfishly consume it on ourselves.

Partnership with Father upgrades us into the wealth of: Him being with us and Him being inside of us.  Partnership is about doing life together!  This “multi-dimensional abiding” is a partnership that truly makes us wealthy and blessed beyond measure!  It’s a wealthy partnership with a foundation of “relational connection” that loves doing life together.  Notice it is wealthy before any monetary assets are put into it . . . it is rock solid in true wealth!  Therefore, it can hold monetary wealth without corruption.

When we upgrade our belief system to land our monetary successes (and failures) into our partnership with Father, most of the stewardship pressure falls on the greater Partner – Our Father.  He loves taking our fear, anxiety, stress upon Himself.  But we have to come to Him with it . . . and give it to Him!  Father takes our pressure of being responsible “all by ourselves” upon Himself, and gives us His ability to rest under the pressure.  Then we move forward yoked with Him to manage and steward it.  Jesus practiced this principle in His partnership with Father and wants us to do the same.

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