It is TIME to Move Like Never Before

I have been getting this view from the Father for several business leaders…. IT IS TIME!

Here is the SHORT VERSION:

Beloved son, thanks for never giving up!

Now it is TIME to move with Me, more powerfully than ever!

Your spirit gets it… and you will join Me!!!

What I see rising up out of your core (it’s Me… mixed with you), is unstoppable!

You are not who you used to be.

The survival season is over!

It is TIME to win! ………… BIG TIME!!


Beloved son, I am very thankful you are a fighter that never quits and you are moving into the new overcomer season as a good son who walks and moves with with me as Father!

Serving Me (in faithfulness) FROM AFAR… was last season.

Moving with Me ON LOCATION (& on the phone) is the new season and our NEW worldview!

It is TIME to believe and experience at new levels that: “I and My hosts (that are with you), are MORE than those against you”… THEREFORE everywhere you go (& connect on the phone), I as King and My Kingdom is at hand/come near.

Beloved son, you need to see that happening on both ends of strategic phone calls! I am powerfully with you on your end, and I and My Hosts are with them on the other end of the call! Even when they don’t realize it, the will of heaven… will be fully online and bringing Kingdom purposes into being!

(note: I had to stop and ponder the above for myself. This truth came to mind:

Be it unto you… Terry, as you HAVE believed! …………………………………. Ugh!!! ……

Honestly, I have never slowed down and believed this…….. until writing this!)

Now is TIME to believe it and live it!

Beloved son, as Your Father, I want you to keep going after this new worldview and make it your own! It is TIME!!!

My son, this is not hard! With a few seconds of prayer from your heart (before a call, or stepping into a mtg, or on stepping onto location) your spirit can invoke it!

You will become very aware of the shift this causes in day to day business and ministry.

Your courage and confidence (in Me with you) will explode!

Beloved son, as we move into this new season, I am VERY thankful for the Joint Leadership you carry with me as your Father, and I want you to believe that I am right there with you…. like never before!

I am releasing great blessings of awareness and advancement into My partnership with You!

It is TIME you believe this!

Bottomline: this is your identity: You ARE a beloved son and overcomer! I am with you!

It is TIME that We advance (on offense) like never before!

It is TIME you send Me before Us & TIME We move together.

It is TIME you believe in Me in dual (simultaneous) dimensions to take the promised land ahead!

I want you very aware that I am the Lord of Hosts that goes BEFORE US and WITH US)

Go Father Go!

Go beloved son Go!

Go Kingdom Go!

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