Prayer to Sanctify and Advance Your Business

A Petition to Our Father the King and Judge of All

  •  This prayer is for two or more people to use together in person or in their own prayer times.
  •  When you sense the Spirit emphasizing a truth, insight, or identity, let Him settle it in you! Join Him in it! Abide with Him in it! Pray into any additional insights He shows you.
  •  It is often helpful to pause at the end of a sentence and try to sense the Father’s response!


Father, ________ and I approach You from who we are as Your sons/daughters seated next to You in Christ, as well as from who we are with Christ on the inside of us, and we honor, love, and worship You!


Father, Thank You that we are washed clean with Christ’s Blood, clothed in His righteousness, hidden in Him, and that we live & move & have our being in Him! Father, Thank You that in these truths, we come before You and Your throne — literally “in Jesus Name!”

Father, for the record we affirm that our work is Your Work and that our positions and affiliations with _____________ Corp, are an alignment of our partnerships with You! Further, we reaffirm and proclaim that: all that we are, and all that we have, all that we have set our hands to, and all we will set our hands to (including our jobs, businesses, ministries, investments, properties, assets, liabilities, debts, taxes, income, expenses, and our giving), are under Your Lordship as our King! We present ourselves and all of these works/entities to You and Your Kingdom (including all existing and future projects) and ask as sons and heirs for the great honor of partnering with You in everything?

Father, we love partnering with You and we want nothing holding Our progress back! Therefore, as sons/ daughters and partners with You in all these works/entities, and especially at ____________ Corp, we ask Your forgiveness and plead the blood of Jesus for each entity and for ourselves and our team players (including each individual of every entity) as well as every associated sin, iniquity, transgression, curse, and defilement! Father, we pause and ask for wisdom, remembrance, and revelation to see specific issues that need repenting of before You! FATHER WILL YOU FORGIVE THEM AND US?

Father, we ask that the records of Your Court be opened and we ask for revelation of every spiritual liability that the “accuser of the brethren” has brought (or can bring) before the court that pertains to any of us, our businesses, properties, land, assets, investments, projects, entities, ministries, debts, loans, and financial liabilities. Father, we ask forgiveness and plead the blood of Jesus for every one of these unsettled spiritual liabilities (including all ancient & generational defilement and iniquity) by past ownership, management, & stewards as well as any defilement or spiritual liability incurred by current ownership, management & stewards! Father, again we pause and ask for wisdom, remembrance, and revelation, to see any issues that need repenting of before You! FATHER WILL YOU FORGIVE THEM AND US?

Father would You forgive each of us and set us free from the bondage of our pasts? Please forgive us for where we have made ourselves slaves to our past bad decisions, mistakes, losses, draw downs, and failures in business? Please forgive us for where we have done the same in our personal lives? Father would You forgive us for every associated inner vow to hold ourselves personally responsible to make up for the losses? Father, we renounce these vows of independence and ask, “will You forgive us for the ‘playing god over ourselves’ and the self-idolatry that this represents? Father, would You forgive us for all the “coping by ourselves” and “broken abiding with You” that this represents?

Father, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for Your forgiveness!

Father, you know those who have been offended by us or by any of our businesses. We plead the blood over these offenses and ask your forgiveness? Father we choose to forgive them (& ourselves) for each issue and we forgive & release them (& us) from all our judgements & condemnation. Father we ask to be totally released from their (& our) judgements and condemnation: including every curse, root of bitterness, evil word, lie, misrepresentation, including any prayer that was not according to your will! We also forgive and release them (& us) from the responsibility of the associated fallout, damage, and losses! Father, we plead the blood of Jesus on their (& our) behalf to cleanse and liberate them (& us) and all our entities, into the freedom of Your Kingdom!

Father, we ask for Overwhelming Kingdom Freedom from every entrapment and enslavement in the invisible realms: including the ungodly depths, widths, heights, and lengths! May this Freedom restore us to powerfully move with You and Christ in abiding: partnership, overcoming, and prosperity!

Father from this new place of Freedom with You, we ask in Jesus Name that You remove all current, past, and lingering rights of evil! Will You stretch forth Your hand and separate out every guilty evil spirit & hierarchy of darkness that participated, or manipulated, or controlled, or entraped these people (& us) and our entities! May these evil ones also be separated from one another (and their networks) and left isolated & fully exposed to the justice and wrath of You and Your Kingdom for their culpability in these matters!

Father, You instructed us to not wrestle with flesh and blood (people), but to wrestle with spiritual evil. Therefore, we go on offense and stand in Your Courtroom abiding inside Christ and petition You as our Father, Partner, Judge and King, for justice and righteousness to prevail over all the evil that is guilty in these matters. In Jesus Name, we ask that You and Your Kingdom would move in righteous power, wrath, and vengeance to stalk, overwhelm, capture, bind, remove, and then judge, cast down, & justly torment (in outer darkness & burning fire: with weeping & gnashing of teeth) every evil spirit and every associated hierarchy of evil (in every realm & every dimension of the heavens & earth)!

Father, we Thank You that Your will and dominion are going forth and for this overwhelming rout of evil! Therefore, we further petition You as Owner, Father, Judge, and King to stretch forth Your Hand toward us & our businesses and release new realms of the Kingdom to establish freedom, blessing, favor, empowerment, and advancement to work with You and prosper in every realm and dimension. We ask for this Kingdom dominion & prosperity to manifest on behalf of: 1) Your Personal interest & profitability in each entity, 2) Your Family’s interest & profitability in each entity, and 3) Your Personal participation & friendship with each son and daughter!

Father, we ask in Jesus Name, that You would take Your rightful place as Author, Creator, and Overseer over these recaptured realms of Your Kingdom and position Your Invisible Godly Righteous Ones (Col 1:16) in every realm and every dimension in the heavens & earth over (in, & around) ___________. Father, we ask for the same rule of Kingdom dominion over (in, & around) all our businesses, ministries, properties, investments, assets, as well as over (in, & around) us, our families, our leadership teams, our employees, our associates and our homes. Father, will You empower these Godly Righteous Ones to work with Holy Spirit to enforce an open heaven over each of these entities and individuals!

Father, may Holy Spirit and these Righteous Ones work with You to settle our true identities as sons & heirs! May Their Oversight empower us to walk in Christ with You, in abiding: friendship, partnership, creativity, and work! Father, will You bless these Godly Beings to take their rightful place of dominion to create, protect, arrange, and advance right business alignments & relationships over ___________ & our businesses, that are prosperous and further the Kingdom? May Holy Spirit & These Beings start and create generational blessing cycles over us as Your Sons/Daughters! Father, may these cycles be sustained for decades over us, over our businesses, and over ALL Our existing work and future work!

Father, the three of us (Jesus, __________, and I) petition You (as the Judge of all, as our Father the King, as well as the Rightful & Participating Owner in all the above), for a 7-fold restitution of everything blocked or stolen from the purposes of God in our lives as well as in regards to Your and our interest in each business and specifically Our Joint interest in _____________ & each of its projects. May a 7-fold restitution process be initiated and extracted from the kingdom of darkness for all of our partnerships with You and may we join You in this overcoming of evil. Father, we ask that this transfer would result in exponential Kingdom gains and advancement for each business as well as for every individual on those teams and those who are part of our families. May Your Kingdom come near and Your will be done here on earth, as it is in heaven; right here, right now, and going forward!!

Father, we ask that this prayer (in its entirety & full intent to further the Kingdom) be entered into the Court Record. We ask that Court’s response to this prayer’s petitions, would become immediately enforced in the Kingdom of God in every realm and dimension in the heavens and earth!

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