Father, My Work is Your Work!

Partnering at work with Father!

Father, as Your son/daughter and heir, I am thankful my work is Your Work. Thank You, that my position and affiliations at work, are an alignment of my partnership with You.

Father, I present myself, our team, and all our works/entities, to You! Father, I announce out loud to Heaven and earth, “that all that we are, and all that we have, and all that we have set our hands to, are under Your Lordship as our King!” Thank You, that we get to serve You and work with You to further Your Kingdom. Father, thank You for the great honor of “partnering with You!”

Father, I love partnering with You and want nothing holding OUR progress back! I plead the blood of Jesus for every sin, iniquity, transgression, curse, defilement and misalignment at work: including each entity and each team member. I ask for Your forgiveness for every outstanding and unsettled issue that is before Your Throne of Judgement. Would You forgive us and our entities? ________ (yes/no) Father, thank You for the fullness of Your forgiveness and the freedom we have to work together!

Father, I thank You that Your will and dominion are going forth in me, in our team, and all OUR work! Thank You that You are stretching forth Your Hand toward all OUR work and business. Thank You that Your favor is releasing new realms of advancement and empowerment to prosper in every realm and dimension. Father, Thank You that You are protecting, arranging, and advancing right business alignments & relationships for OUR work and business!

Father, I thank You that You and Your Kingdom (and its invisible forces) are empowering and enforcing an open heaven over OUR partnership and activities here on earth. Thank You for the exponential gains and advancement we are moving into with OUR business and OUR team. Father, thank You that Your Kingdom has come near and Your will is being done here on earth, as it is in Heaven; right here, right now, and going forward!!

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