Drivenness – Part 2


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Most Christian Business Men and Women have a love/hate relationship with DRIVENNESS!


In Part 1 of this series on Drivenness we compared healthy drivenness and unhealthy drivenness.  Healthy drivenness flows from our core and is not selfish.  It gets things accomplished, it is fuelled by healthy priorities, and it constantly makes a difference for others.

If you missed Part 1 Click Here to go check it out!


Let’s get started with Part 2.  Healthy Drivenness has a deep component in it that flows from the assurance that our Dad has our back.  This is God’s design… and it begins with trusting our earthly father… and then as we mature, it’s designed to transfer to our relationship with Heavenly Father.


Unhealthy Drivenness is usually rooted in self-survival where we have learned to survive the best we can on our own.  It often grows out of a situation in our life when our earthly father was not there for us (this root can even go back to fatherly rejection or abandonment while they were in the womb).  Therefore, our trauma of fatherly abandonment (or absenteeism) forced self into survival mode and it had to take over the throne of our heart… and learn to manage ourselves by ourselves.


Many of you know my father died when I was 6 years old, and recently Heavenly Father showed me that He had my back when I got the call from my Mom that he had died. Father has been there ever since, but my awareness is just now catching up!  As I have processed that abandonment by death… the Lord has shown me that the original root of my feeling abandoned (my deepest self-survival root) began months earlier when my father shattered his hip by missing a step coming down out of wooden bleachers, when our horse had just won a small-town horse race.


While we were waiting for the ambulance to come, my Mom had to leave my sister and I in the back seat of our car (on the back row of non-lighted parking lot).  In the midst of the chaos and fear of that traumatic situation, I realized my dad couldn’t be there for me anymore.  As an adult now, I can look back and see… that was the night I went into self-survival mode… in my fear and tears… I had to take on the responsibility of surviving by myself… my father’s degenerating health kept him from having my back.


So let me ask you, “can you go back to a time in your heart… when your father was not there for you (by choice or circumstance)?”  Ask Heavenly Father to show you.  If there is something there… you will sense it in your heart.  


The new key to healing (these type of issues in our heart) that I have recently learned, is to go to Father in His realm of being enthroned in us!  Think about that!…  Doesn’t it make much more sense than going to Father in His realm of being enthroned above?  Look again at who Father says He is in Eph 4:6 “One God and Father of all, above all, by all, and in all!”  It is this 3rd realm that Father loves to heal from the inside out!


My Unhealthy Drivenness was rooted in being disconnected from my earthly father… and then connecting to myself on my own throne.  I was my own slave driver and I pushed myself hard!  I nurtured this orphan identity and I worked hard because no one had my back… but me!  Even in my spiritual life, I was always secretly fighting to keep me on this throne down here… and serve God on His Throne up there!   But Father wants both thrones!  Therefore, this selfish alignment has been constantly working to keep me disconnected and blocked from God enthroned in me!  It fights both my ability to experience Christ enthroned in me, and it fights me connecting to Father enthroned in me.  Needless to say, it is full of self-mitigation anxiety and self-dependence… because self is on the throne.


Anytime I catch myself in survival mode… I have snuck back onto my own throne!  My “ability to survive,” is strong, and it is strongly connected to my survival response of losing my Dad.  I came up out of that situation by empowering myself with inner vows of self-determination (that had no view of God in them)!  I had to convince myself I’d make it on my own!  Survival vows are founded in Self-Determination… like: “I can’t trust that he has my back, I have to have my own back”… or “I will never trust that person (or one like them again), or “I will never let that happen to me or my family!”  As a result, we sit on our own throne in those areas.  This is really common lie-based thinking among businessmen and perpetuated by our culture.


Unhealthy Drivenness (for most Christians in the business world) almost always has another component that comes from previous failures… which turned into wilderness experiences that were mostly characterized by self-survival.  This “fear based business mindset” is one of the toughest mindsets to shift!  What compounds this fear based mindset, is the enemy warring against us and working hard to steal, kill, and destroy in those situations of failure.  The enemy is able to pull this off because… he already snuck in the back door through previous failures, or through childhood trauma.


Most leaders struggle with incessant anxiety, worry, and fear.  WHY?  The accuser works hard to feed us thoughts of potential bad outcomes that keep us in a “fear based mitigation mode”… that effectively blocks our advancement.  He loves to feed us lies (disguised in first person mode as our own thoughts) that focuses on bad outcomes that do not have God in the picture… and leave us to survive in our Unhealthy Drivenness.


It gets worse!  This pattern of Unhealthy Drivenness, OVER-focuses on all the potential problems ahead, and tries to avoid them or navigate around them. These fear based expectations steal creativity, and OVER-emphasize contingency planning. Fear based survival leadership is always looking for the potential bad outcome… and stressing over how to deal with it… even when God’s grace often keeps it from happening.  The most damaging aspect of this mindset is: it STEALS from much needed creativity, wisdom, and planning… that is rooted in a “prosperous future belief system.” I would suggest a prosperous future belief system is deeply rooted in our Partnership With Father… and believing that He is Enthroned on the inside!


Another aspect of Unhealthy Drivenness is that it’s usually anchored in a belief system of grace that is extended to us from a distant Father overseeing our life from above.  God is really busy, and if we are desperate enough, or focused enough, or get involved enough in our Church or ministry… this somehow gets His attention… tips the scales… and He releases sufficient grace that is needed to overcome our issues.  UGH!!!  I don’t know if you have been there… but I have!


The main KEY emphasized in Part 1 was… we can use our core’s Healthy Drivenness to go after our Father and “Partner With Him.  The additional piece we are adding to that in this Part 2 is… that we can use or Core’s drivenness to go after Father Enthroned In Us!” Our core is made for Partnership and Oneness with Father… our core is made for Father to abide ENTHRONED IN US!  


Let me go deep for a minute and change from “core” language to our “spirit.”  Deeper than Father enthroned in our spirit/core… is the reality that our spirit is also made to abide inside Father… (Who is enthroned in us).  Yes our spirit can abide in multiple realms at the same time.  So get this, He abides in us (in our spirit)… but deeper yet… our spirit abides IN HIM (enthroned in us)!  I believe that is the place of “rest” that Hebrews 3-4 explain!  He rests on His throne in us… and we rest in Him enthroned in us!  That is Crazy Good… but that is a subject to unpack for another blog… or a deep discussion in person!


Be encouraged: Father loves abiding inside us, and loves to heal our heart at the deepest levels from the inside out.  Just this week I went back in my memories to that back seat trauma I described earlier and surrender the key to the prison cell of self-survival that it represented in my heart.  I took the KEY and let Him in… and He healed and transformed that old SELFISH ENTHRONED PLACE… into a new dimension of His glorious throne in me!  It was a glorious inside job BY HIM!


SO GET THIS: Every time we dare to take Him into the survival regions of our heart and surrender them to Him… He transforms more of our heart to experience Him enthroned!  The moral of this story is: use your core’s Healthy Drivenness to go after more of Him enthroned in your heart!!!  IT WORKS!

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