Drivenness – Part 1


Most Christian Business Men and Women have a love/hate relationship with DRIVENNESS!


Healthy Drivenness Works!…

  • it comes up out of your core…
  • it gets things accomplished…
  • it insists on healthy priorities!
  • It constantly makes a difference for others!

But Unhealthy Drivenness Is Costly!… It will:

  • Side-track Your Destiny…
  • Cripple Your Family…
  • Ruin Your Business, &
  • Steal Your Spiritual Life!

In our past seasons, our heart trusted and depended on our Father in Heaven to watch over us.  But in practice, it has been a mix of our healthy and unhealthy drivenness… that has gotten us to where we are (or, are not) in business.  

Most Christian Leaders that are in our shoes, have worked hard and sacrificed to become successful, but it has been costly:

  • to their family life,
  • to their prayer life, and
  • to their relationship with Heavenly Father.    

You and I both know from experience, that our unhealthy drivenness needs to go… but we haven’t figured out how to separate our Good Drivenness, from the Bad Drivenness.  We need help from OUR Fatherto sort it out on the inside and to sort it out at work!


If we stop and think about it… our Healthy Drivenness is KEY to:

  • Advance Our Business, and to…
  • Expand Our Current Relationship With Heavenly Father.  


  It’s our choice to use our good drivenness to unlock our passion and our tenacity… to propel our business forward!

  That same passion and tenacity is KEY… to use to draw near to OUR FATHER.  

  Healthy Drivenness has a hidden power source… it is determination!

  This determination comes from your CORE and it’s passionate and focused!

  Focused determination doesn’t quit… until it overcomes and wins!

  You’re NOT a quitter in the business world!    

  Your passion and love for business… plus your tenacity and perseverance… keep you in the gameuntil you win!  


  Your Core has a NO QUIT” mindsetit chooses to overcome failures.

  Your Core makes a difference for othersit’s determined to benefit all.

  Your Core ignores every excuse to quitit perseveres until you SUCCEED!

  Your Core  is full of excellence and integrity… that doesn’t compromise!


You know from experience that our emotions and our intellect often argue with Our Core… and they want us to avoid potential failures.  They try to be our protector… and they are often the loudest voice… that tries to keep us safe in our survival mode!  As successful business people (that have learned to do business from our Core), we’ve learned to not listen to them… especially when we analyze their arguments… and see they are alone without God in their worldview… doing their best to help us survive!   

It is those moments… we choose to go with OUR CORE (That Gut Business Instinct that knows God will be with us…) in the management and mitigation of the risks that are KEY to our advancement!  


Do you realize that Father has been working all these years to help us learn to play the Business Gameat an EXECUTIVE LEVEL from our CORE


Now, it is time to upgrade our Spiritual Gameto an EXECUTIVE LEVEL!

How Do You Head In That Direction?


What if you take the power of your healthy drivenness and you use it, to go after a deeper relationship with Heavenly Father… and You Do Not QUIT… until it turns into Partnership?

OMG! (Literally OMG!)  

Your CORE is made for that adventure!


Here is the KEY of today’s encouragement:

Use Your Core’s Healthy Drivenness to Go after Your Father… and Partner With Him”

“Your Core is made for Partnership!”


Watch for Part 2 . . .

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