Coming Along Side

I love coming along side you and your partnership with Heavenly Father.

The more I have pursued my friendship with Heavenly Father, the more I realize we have been created to partner with Him!

I love the prodigal son story and often dream of what happened after the son came to his senses, went home, and was fully restored to his Father. Knowing that this parable is really about God being seen as the ultimate Father (and His immense love, forgiveness, and restoration of us), it is also a powerful story of restoring our rest, love & trust under His leadership as head of the family. This restored Father/son (daughter) relationship then goes to work restoring what was lost in our own times of selfishness & independence and it includes taking back and restoring what the enemy has stolen. I believe that the reunited Father and Son went forth in family business and more than made up what the wayward son had lost in his sin and foolishness!

I wonder how many times the restored prodigal and his Father impacted other wayward sons and daughters with their own restored partnership? My guess is that because of them, their local community had many other restored family relationships and partnerships! God loves to spread the leaven of restoration in every direction! He loves for us to come home and settle ourselves in much loved father/son (daughter) relationship that creates the ultimate picture of true sonship! He does not just settle in the fact that we find the humility of a willing servant, He wants us home: fully restored, settled in the rest of sonship, heirship, partnership, and then moving on with Him to further the family business (Kingdom)!

Over the last few years I have found that I love bringing my partnership with Father alongside your partnership with Him to encourage and advance your awareness and friendship with Him. What a privilege to partner with Him personally and then move out in our partnership together, to partner with the awesome partnership you have and are developing with Him!!

This process of partnering with Him always takes us deeper in love with each member of the Trinity! (Give that some thought!)

Each Member of the Trinity has great fun helping us in our journey of maturing in Christ. They pour into us as sons/daughters and joint heirs who have come home to the Father, entered His rest, and now are moving with Him in His Kingdom!! For each of us, this is getting to participate in the restoration of what we lost in Adam, and now we get to move with Father into “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven”!!!

(to be continued . . .)

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