Blessing my Daughter Kimberly

I wrote a blessing for Kimberly my senior in High School.

My prayer is that you would edit this blessing and make it your own!…

Kimberly, I am really proud of you (and your Mother is too) because you are our daughter!

You are a beautiful young woman with a big spirit that loves God and people!

As your Dad and Mom, We cheer you on in your final year at Colorado Springs Christian School and we know that our Heavenly Father is with you and that He is your biggest cheer leader!

We bless you to hear His celebrations over you and to enjoy Him every step of the way!

Kimberly You know, as I have drawn near to Father these last few years, I have found His view of me as a much loved son.

I bless you to go deep with Him and continue to find more of His passion for you as His “much loved daughter”!

I bless you to keep growing and maturing and to learn to partner with Father in the Kingdom!

Kim, I bless you to follow Jesus and let Him coach you in walking with Father… through all of life! I bless you to have fun with Him!

I bless you to learn the incredible advantage of His being with you in the invisible realms!

Kimberly, I bless your spirit to be strong and mighty: to find its eye sight, and its hearing, and its discerning, and its ability to move in the abiding!

I bless you to keep living from that deep inner passion I see in your spirit (and deeper yet… I bless you to live from His power inside your spirit)!

I bless your internal governance and confidence to go to new levels of wisdom, power, passion and LIFE!

I bless you to be a living well that gives LIFE to all those that come up around you!

Kimberly, I bless you to continue to find your deep identity as a daughter, as a princess in the Kingdom, and especially to find your oneness with Christ!

I bless the two of YOU to move in power and passion that continues to have a huge impact on your friends and your school.

I bless it to go to new levels in the days to come: impacting your college, your community, your culture, your nation, other nations, and especially your own husband and family.

Kimberly, I bless you to discern and live out the heavenly book that Father wrote about you!

I bless you to partner with Him and have great adventures… living it out together!

I am pulling for you!

Love, Dad.

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