A Big “Thank You Father!!!”

“But as for me, the nearness of God is my good!”

Heavenly Father, thank You that You are “one God and Father, Who is above all, and by all, and in all!” (Eph 4:6) Father, I choose to become more aware of You “above me, beside me, and in me,” through thankfulness!

FATHER ABOVE, thank You that You are above me in Heavenly places always watching over me! Thank You I can come up to You & boldly come before You as my King, to find grace and mercy! At a more profound level, thank You that I can approach You (as Father & King) from who I am as Your son/daughter, seated next to You in Christ. Thank You this is how “I abide in You” and in Your Kingdom above! Therefore, I come in thanksgiving and honor, to love and worship You!

FATHER BY ME, thank You that You are beside me and always have my back! Thank You that You are always with me on location (at work — as well as with me in all of life). Thank You that “You never leave me or forsake me” and are always with me in the invisible. Thank You that You “abide with me” and “Your Kingdom has come near”! Therefore, I thank You that You are with me: fathering me, protecting me, coaching me, empowering me, and advancing Your Kingdom with me, just like You were with Jesus! I love and worship You!

FATHER IN ME, thank You that You are in me and are helping me from the inside out! Thank You for turbo charging my desire to become aware that You are indwelling deep inside me. Thank You, that You are enthroned inside my spirit (in the “Holy of Holies” of my inner man)! Thank You that You “abide in me”! Therefore, I thank You that You are the King inside me and Your Kingdom is within me! I love, honor and worship You!

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