And unleashes your destiny!

Secures your partnership,

Empowers your beliefs,

Confirms your identity,

Nearness with Father:

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Partnering With Father

Partnering with Father


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Father created your spirit to partner with Him
at your workplace and in your business.

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Faithful Servant vs. Beloved Son/Daughter?

Serve From Afar vs. Partner On Location?

Landing Wealth in Stewardship vs. Partnership?


Faithful Servant or Beloved Son/Daughter?

Serve From Afar or Partner On Location?

Landing Wealth in Stewardship or Partnership?

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Terry has been on a 50-year journey of learning to Partner with Heavenly Father.  Before Terry’s father died from cancer (when he was 6 years old) Terry helped his father on the family ranch.  He learned early the right alignment of working with Dad on location.  As a business executive and minister, Terry has transitioned from fatherless survival modes (always having his back-up plan ready) to partnering with Heavenly Father in realms of nearness.

Terry and Marguerite are the founders of Partnering With Fathe Ministries.  Through coaching and invitational Summits (in the US and Europe) Terry transitions business men and women into awareness that engages their Partnership With Father (at work and at home).  Terry specializes in mentoring “The Game-Changers” of businesses and ministries (the Joshuas, Calebs, Ruths & Esthers).   He loves working with leadership teams at select private retreats in CO, TX, and Germany.  Leaders come away with nearness with Father that… confirms their identity, empowers their beliefs, secures their partnership, and unleashes their destiny.  Father’s nearness takes their spiritual game to executive levels (on the inside & outside)… creating BAD DAYS for the GIANTS!

Terry and Marguerite have been married for 33 years, have 8 daughters and 1 son.  They enjoy homes on the family ranch in Texas and currently reside in Colorado Springs. They serve on multiple national and international boards. Terry holds Economics and Masters of Divinity degrees and has been an active investor and venture capital manager of family holdings.

This 15 Day Journey of Thankfulness will powerfully strengthen your awareness of Father with you at work!

Men’s Ministry

Empower Your Best Men to Take Their Promised Land in Business, and for Their Family… by Partnering with Father from the Inside Out

How many of the best men in your ministry are in a hell of a fight to get a major breakthrough?… in business?… at home?… or on the inside?

What Giants are they facing?

We all try not to think of this… but what if they get their butt handed to them?… like 10 of the 12 Spies did!  

Those 10, were Leaders of Leaders who went into self-survival mode when faced with GIANT stress!… no different than us when: faced with tragedy, life or death situations, make or break business deals, or extreme losses (financial or relational)!

Father intended, for all 12 Spies to personally take Him with them (overshadowing each one in the invisible realm — Num 14:9).  He was their secret GIANT KILLER… and TOGETHER they would secure inheritance for the Kingdom… and all those they lead!  

Bottom line, will we face our GIANTS with Father… or will we go it alone?

IT’S TIME for your select ministry and business Leaders (your Joshua’s and Caleb’s) to move as ONE With FATHER… in a King/Priest offensive to take the promised land, assigned to your ministry and church!  As a team, this time we won’t leave any behind! We all, will enthrone Father on the inside… to be free of hidden unbelief, grasshopper mindsets, and survival vision– Num 13:33.  We’ll Partner with Father in fresh power and authority!

Father and I want to come alongside you, and help you activate new realms of their Partnership With Father that destroys GIANTS (on the inside and on the outside)!

Let’s partner to see Father on the field with 12 men… empowering a new offense that’s unstoppable!

We want to serve you and have you join us in the Partnering With Father Movement.  

Schedule a 1 Day Intensive or 2 Day Summit for your team!

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Women’s Ministry

Empower Your Best Women to Partner with Father in New Realms of Nearness… Unleashing the Power of Their Father-Daughter Relationship

Go girl Go! Is one of Terry’s favorite sayings to his eight daughters!  The oldest four are out of college, advancing in the marketplace, and finding the bigness that Father put on the inside of them!

Like men, most women carry “daddy wounds” deep on the inside!  Father is on the move with His daughters to enthrone Himself on the insideto heal and Father them into wholeness and partnership that is unstoppable!

The Partnering With Father message will help your women flourish in their relationship with Father.  With this fresh revelation in their heart, they’ll move into powerful new realms of nearness (and original design) to Partner With Father!

Ephesians 4:6 is foundational: “One God and Father of all, above all, by all, and in all.”  Your women’s spirits will soar as they find more of Father in each of these three realms (above, by, and inside).

Christ operated in all three… and wants to take us into His powerful multi-realm Partnership with Father.  In John 14:10 Jesus explains that Father worked from the 3rd realm of “inside Him”… “Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, the words I say to you are not my own, but the Father Who dwells in Me does the WORK!”  What work?  Everything THEY did together!…  

Father wants to do ALL OF LIFE with us… Ministry, Business, Family, Relationships… EVERYTHING!!!

More and more Women’s ministries are affirming and strengthening their business women and entrepreneurs. Partnering With Father Ministries would love to help your ministry empower your select leaders!

Let’s Partner Together With Father, to see your women partner with Him, to prosper at their place of work… in their home… and from the inside out!

Contact Terry today for a free consultation and schedule your Partnering With Father Summit!

Join us in the Partnering With Father Movement!

Schedule a 1-Day Intensive or 2-Day Summit for your BEST MEN or WOMEN today.

Hand Pick Your Best 12 and Let’s Partner with Father to Lead the Next Generation!

Contact Terry for a free consultation and let’s schedule your Summit.

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Game Changing Summits and Coaching

Host a One or Two Day Summit.

Businesses, Ministries, Foundations, Family Offices (as well as Mature Leaders gifted to network)
are encouraged to host a Partnering With Father Summit… and invite their dream team of 12.
If you put together a dream team for a summit… you need at least 2 days together!

Many teams (or ministry boards) will do our 1-day Summit on Day One,
and do their board meeting or team development on Day Two of their retreat!

We offer great Event Management Services and great venues for teams
wanting to come to Colorado Springs (or Dallas) for their retreat/summit/board mtg.
We also have great venues in Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.

1-Day Summit

1/2 Day Intensives Are Available

Imagine that you have a critical decision to make… and over six figures is on the line!  The deadline is approaching… and the closer it gets, the more pressure you feel, (and the more alone you feel… totally disconnected from God).  You know to pray, but the mounting STRESS… holds you alone in YOUR SURVIVAL MODE!

Sadly, most of those decisions (made from survival mode mindsets) ARE COSTLY!  When your disconnected from Our Father Above (because of STRESS), what if you knew how to re-connect with Him on the inside of you?… (not Holy Spirit, but Father dwelling inside you)… and make that same decision from His Rest?  What if you consistently Partnered With Him (like Jesus did) from THAT PLACE OF REST?  What would that do for your business… and for your family!

The 1-Day Summit introduces new realms of Partnering With Father to executive leadership of Businesses, Ministries, Churches, Foundations, and Family Offices.  

At this Summit, you will be strengthen in nearness with Father in 3 realms: above, by, and within (Eph 4:6).  You will learn how Jesus operated out of all three realms in His Partnership with Father. He loves to take us into His Partnership with Father.  It was His secret weapon in “seeing & doing” the Father’s business!

Schedule a Summit and get this strategic mindset deep in your heart… and immediately begin to experience new realms of your relationship with Father.

Don’t miss out on these belief system shifts, that open up your Partnership With Father!  It’s what You were created for!

Contact Terry to schedule your Game-Changing Summit!

Summit Outcomes

  • Your heart will soar as you secure Sonship identity... and feel Fathered from the Inside
  • You will experience the thrill of activating Father on the field with you at your work
  • Your Partnership with Him unlocks strong and sourageous Oneness that destroys Giants blocking your inheritance
  • Father (dwelling in you) releases a Fathering spirit to your family and business
  • When we’re fathered on the inside, we become a father to others!

2 Day Summit

Get Away and Transform as a Team

The 2 Day Summit rocks!  It goes much deeper into the mindsets and internal hindrances that block powerful partnership with Father (i.e.; fear that has you playing defense or offense at the wrong time)… both can cost you millions, like it did me. 

Christian Executives know, that faith and relationship with Father can easily get left behind on a vicious road of self-drivenness and performance based identity.  Father is on the move in these Summits to come near to us in new realms… He especially wants us to invite Him in… and ask Him to Father us from the inside out

Father loves to heal “daddy wounds” of abandonment and absenteeism that empower unhealthy drivenness, greed, fear, 2nd guessing, and most importantly an inability to Father from His original design of us. 

Father wants to work powerfully through us (at work and at home) to release a Fathering Spirit from our Partnership with Him!  Our family needs it, so does our business and ministry, and so does our associates and friends — they all need it!

The 2-day Summit brings another level of deep liberty that is not touched in the 1-Day Summit.  Participants find the satisfaction of being Fathered from the inside out.. which leads to exquisite Sonship… that partners with Him for life

And when you die, you get to take your Partnership with You!

Contact Terry to schedule your Game-Changing Summit!

Summit Outcomes

  • Secure your Partnership in the Secret Place and carry it onto the field at work!
  • Restores you to your original design and relationship potential!
  • Engage Internal Giants (fear, anxiety, stress, & 2nd guessing) with Father… verses alone!
  • Heals the Orphan on the inside and Overcomes Survival Modes!
  • Father loves to heal: broken identity, stolen legitimacy, offenses, and trauma… from the inside out. He loves to enthrone Himself in these voids... at your invitation!

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

For Ministries, Foundations, Family Offices, & Businesses

Father’s been faithfully watching you on the field (as His son or daughter) from His press box in Heaven… and He’s been secretly longing to be on the field with you (& in the game)… but because of the demands of executive leadership, your spiritual life was side-lined most of your career.  Now that your in your final seasons (or retired) what do you do with the burning (deep in your spirit) to be in the game with Father?

In your spiritual life (as a man or woman) are you WILLING to Go On and be a Joshua or Caleb?… “A Man of a Different Spirit?”…  Or, Go On to be a man like David, “a man after God’s own heart”… or Go On after Christ, and get Him to take you into His Partnership with Father?

They all were leaders of leaders… in the business world, they would be EXECUTIVES!

These leaders played their finest game in their later years… and so will you!  They all moved in a deep awareness and relationship with Father… and so will you!

Do you need help in taking your Partnership with Father off the Chart?  

I know what you might be thinking… and NO! it’s not to late!!!… It’s your original design to Partner with Father on the field as “a seasoned veteran!”… as well as being a man or woman that knows Father’s leadership… from the inside out!

Do you want help enthroning Father in your heart?… and working with Him to overthrow your internal Giants?  (10 out of 12 leaders are afraid to go here! They would rather keep their distance from God! …see Ex 33:10 & Num 13- 14)

Will you join David, Joshua, Caleb & Jesus and be a Game Changer?  Will you pay the price and spend time with Father to open up new realms of His Nearness?  Will you let the fire of these leaders DNA (that is also burning in you) make your later years… the greatest ever?

If you feel your spirit rising to be an Executive in the Kingdom… set up a free consultation with Terry… and begin the process of vetting our personal development services.  If that goes well, Terry will offer you a free 1-hour consulting call.  If that goes well (and both want to proceed) he will put together (a 6-mo or 1-yr) Executive Pastoral Coaching Package tailored for you.

Note: Executive clients that are large investors in our Partnering With Father Ministry, receive Executive Pastoral Coaching in return… allowing us to invest in them!  It’s a Win Win!

Let’s Activate New Realms of Your Partnership With FATHER!

Contact Terry,  and schedule a free consultation!

Learn to Play Your A-Game WITH Father… Not FOR Him

  • Without Father’s Throne activated within you, it‘s easy to lose to the Giants
  • Implement the wisdom and power of Father (Who dwells in you)
  • Avoid going back to Egypt in your Own Survival Strength
  • Upgrade your nearness with Father... and work from REST
  • In negotiations, Don’t let your opponent bring their invisible Giants to the table
  • War from Father/son nearness = a bad day for the enemy!

When you enroll in our Executive Coaching Services… Terry coaches you weekly by Zoom, and makes several trips to your business to coach you on-site and lead your team in Summits. We highly recommend that you select your best 12 men/women and take them off-site for these Summits!

Father and Terry will activate powerful new realms of your Partnership With Him… it changes everything!

Contact Terry and let’s customize a plan that works perfectly for your ministry or business!

Invite Terry To Speak

Invite Terry To Speak

After the PWF Summit, I’m wide awake to The Father in and with me, and it’s blowing away old limits and fears.

The Partnering with Father Summit brought me to the realization that it’s not about me performing well or not being “good enough” to please Him,  only then He will choose to bless my efforts.  In reality, it is Father operating invisibly within me and beside me from the beginning – in the midst of my inexperience and inability.